Join us at the 2nd annual Rise & Lead Summit and positively contribute to the advancement of women in leadership. Explore how we can collectively close the wealth gap and build a more prosperous world for families, companies and communities.

The Rise & Lead Summit is a platform for women in leadership and companies who are actively advancing women’s roles in their respective organizations. The main focus of the Rise & Lead Summit is to inspire, educate and empower women in business and the organisations who support them on key topics relating to diversity & Inclusion, wealth creation, building a sustainable future and the real stories about being a woman in leadership in the workplace and marketplace. Our goal is to share progressive ideas to facilitate change and closure of the gender gap.

You will experience:

Who Should Attend The Rise & Lead Summit 2019?

Are you just starting out, a manager, business owner, community leader, executive, NGO leader, idea-seeker , or a change-maker? Wherever you are on your leadership journey the Rise & Lead Summit will meet you and take you where you want to be. You will walk away with smart strategies, actionable tactics, eye-opening inspiration, and real connections with the people who are shaping the future of women in leadership.

Why Rise & Lead Summit?

Sustainability and Wealth

Women are talented and bring multiple unique styles, skills, and perspectives to the corporations and organisations they are part of as well as the businesses they own. Yet the ecosystem is unequal and unfavorable for women. In order to drive wealth creation and sustainable businesses across the globe we need to ensure companies and policy makers build ways to maximise female engagement and leadership in the workforce and marketplace. Not doing so is bad economics.

The Rise & Lead Summit 2019 is about building dynamic and inclusive economies, where everyone is given an equal opportunity to create wealth for themselves, their families, and the society they are part of. The Summit is about all global communities reaching their highest potential and building a sustainable future, for ALL.

Join us and engage in meaningful conversations, analyse best practices, and redefine the leadership paradigm for women in the workplace and marketplace.

Benefits Of Attending The Rise and Lead Summit

  • Be better equipped to design and execute successful hiring and promotion procedures that will be more open and inclusive.
  • Have the chance to interact directly with many of the industry’s professionals – both our speakers as well as fellow attendees
  • Hear and learn how some of the leading companies are achieving their D & I goals.
  • Extend your brand awareness and improve your chances to attract, retain and strengthen the leadership pipeline in your organisation
  • Gain a fresh perspective that will help you implement the right strategies to close the leadership gender gap in your organisation.
  • Connect with other luminaries, build win-win-relationships and expand your network
  • Learn the right skills to grow a successful business that generates wealth
  • Gain access to investors, financial institutions and business growth strategists.
  • Connect with other female entrepreneurs for future collaborations.
  • Find your tribe, future speakers for your meetings, attract new members, collaborate with other networks and build meaningful relationships
  • Connect with other community leaders to learn best practices
  • Explore new initiatives that support other women in your sphere of influence
  • Be inspired to raise your leadership aspirations
  • Connect with other professionals and build your tribe of mentors and be inspired to grow outside your comfort zone.
  • Learn new skills like negotiation, communication, thought leadership, public speaking, workshop delivery and personal branding.
  • Discover your purpose and be inspired to pursue a life of meaning and fulfilment
  • Gain confidence, clarity, and boldness and be exposed to new networks
  • Connect with leaders and build your network

The summit has been structured in a way that every group, including yours, will get value from the content and make meaningful connection.

What You Will Take Away:

  • Strategies and Tools: You will walk away with the wisdom, insights and strategies to transform your leadership and that of your company and support the advancement of women for a better world.

  • Expertise: Gain access to experts, business executives, investors and industry leaders for future collaborations and business expansion.

  • Friendships: Forge new friendships with globally minded leaders and expand your network for future joint partnerships

  • Inspiration: You will be inspired to raise your aspirations to reach your maximum potential

  • Education: We will equip you with the right skills and mentorship necessary to thrive in careers and businesses

  • Financial Intelligence: Build financial consciousness and understand sustainable wealth creation strategies

Who To Expect:

Over 20 panels, keynote addresses, and workshops presented by experts and thought leaders from across the globe covering topics that will help catalyse your leadership. In 2018, 120+ leaders and change makers from different nationalities  joined us – we expect even more in 2019! More organisations, more women, more men, more networks, more breakouts, mentoring corners, more networking for deeper connections and more valuable content!

Featured 2019 Speakers

Poonam Barua

Chairman/CEO, Forum For Women In Leadership & Co-Founder, Rise and Lead Women


Marguerite Soeteman-Reijnen

Executive Board Chairman, Aon Holdings B.V.


Chantal Korteweg

Manager Strategy, FMO


Jeff Turner

Vice President Sustainability, Royal DSM


Ndidi Okonkwo Nwuneli

Founder, LEAP Africa | Board Member, DSM


Rick Zednik

Managing Director, Women Political Leaders (WPL)


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