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Rise & Lead Summit & Awards 2024


Join the most inspiring and diverse leadership conference in Europe

September 12 – 13

Location: Hilton Hotel The Hague, Netherlands / online








What is the Rise & Lead Summit?

The Rise & Lead Summit is an annual event dedicated to advancing women into top leadership positions, benefiting organisations and communities. This gathering unites leaders, organisations, and individuals committed to fostering diverse talent and promoting inclusive practices. Attendees gain tools to amplify their voices, drive meaningful change within their companies and communities, and enhance their professional skills and well-being.

Whether you focus on personal and professional development, creating initiatives to drive gender diversity and inclusion, or seeking creative solutions to tackle DEI challenges and improve team engagement, you’ll leave the Rise & Lead Summit rejuvenated and equipped with actionable insights and strategies.


This summit has been an incredible experience for me. I attended with the intention of learning from experienced leaders and discovering my own voice in meetings. I was also eager to support others in their leadership journeys and engage in meaningful discussions with peers on topics close to my heart, such as gender diversity and empowering women in the field. Moreover, the networking sessions provided an invaluable opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who may be facing similar challenges.

— Summit Attendee

Why Attend Rise & Lead Summit?


Learn From Experienced Leaders & Experts

At the Rise & Lead Summit, you will have the opportunity to learn from experienced leaders who have successfully navigated the challenges of advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in their organisations. These seasoned professionals will share their insights, strategies, and success stories, providing you with valuable knowledge to apply to your leadership journey.

Stay on top of trends

Follow the latest industry trends and benchmark your strategies against the best. Gain insights into innovative practices and emerging trends that position your organisation at the forefront of diversity and inclusion efforts.

Professional Development

With over 20+ sessions available, there is something for everyone. Save time and money while gaining valuable knowledge through our carefully crafted, practical, and interactive workshops. Our workshops are led by experts in their fields and offer a hands-on approach to enhancing your leadership skills, driving business development, prioritising well-being, and fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

Peer Exchange with Diverse Community

Rise and Lead Summit has been described as the most inspiring and diverse conference in Europe. Engage in meaningful discussions on DEI challenges, connect with peers in similar roles, share experiences, and brainstorm possible solutions. This collaborative environment fosters creativity and problem-solving, helping you develop actionable organizational strategies.

Recharge and Reevaluate: Take a break from your daily routine to recharge and reevaluate your strategies. Be inspired by our expert speakers and get the motivation to drive change.

Engage with Trailblazers: Interact with pioneering corporate leaders, policymakers, and impact entrepreneurs. Learn from their experiences and gain insights to elevate your leadership journey and drive organisational change.

Drive Change and Innovate: Generate new ideas and strategies to enhance your company’s diversity, equity, and inclusion approach. Leave the summit equipped with actionable insights to implement immediately.

Our 2023 Summit Keynote speakers included an Ambassador to The Netherlands, a Member of the European Parliament and CEOs of several global corporations who shared their journey of how they learned to lead in an authentic way and how they are making their organisations inclusive.  Speakers for the 2024 Summit will be announced soon!

Topics will include:

  • Getting Inspired to Lead: Inclusive leaders share their stories on how they inspire others
  • Accelerating women’s leadership journey to the C-suite
  • Strategic workshops and networking to boost your career and become a changemaker

Join The Most Inspiring & Diverse Leadership Conference In Europe


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Join The Most Inspiring & Diverse Leadership Conference In Europe


I feel empathy in the conversation that we have at the summit, and a lot of connection with myself as well, which is very motivating, and I’m sure that everyone else in the room has the same feeling. So we are coming back to our companies to network with more motivation to make a difference in equality, diversity, and inclusion.

— Summit Attendee