Leadership. Inclusion. Equity.

SEPTEMBER 24 & 25, 2020

11 AM – 7 PM DAILY

Online Location: From your Couch

In-person Location: The Hague Conference Center – New Babylon, The Hague, The Netherlands


You are invited to join us for the 3rd annual Rise and Lead Summit, to advance your leadership & impact!

The Rise and Lead Summit brings together industry leaders, corporate executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, startups, young leaders, change-makers, and organisations to share best practices, learn new skills and drive the change towards real diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Join the #RiseandLead movement!

Our Past Speakers

Brigette Hyacinth

Author: The Future of Leadership: Rise of Automation, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence ? Keynote Speaker ?

Jeff Turner

VP Sustainability at DSM

Marguerite Soeteman-Reijnen

Chairman Executive Board Aon Holdings & Global CMO Aon Inpoint

Rick Zedník

Managing Director at Women Political Leaders (WPL)

Rhonda A. Ocha

Vice President, Customer Delivery Europe

Register now to experience the Rise and Lead Summit in The Hague. Learn from industry leaders, international keynote speakers, female role models, male allies, and racial justice teachers. Be prepared to rise and take the lead in your workplace, business and society.

Enjoy the two-day event in the beautiful city of The Hague!

This is for You!

  • Are you passionate about driving change towards workplace equity and the inclusion of women and under-represented groups, as a leader, entrepreneur or change-maker?

  • Do you want to build an inclusive culture, where everyone feels empowered to contribute to the success of the community where they belong?

  • Are you ready to take the lead to drive sustainable change towards equity and inclusion at the top leadership decision-making level in workplaces, businesses, corporate boards and public policy spaces?

  • We invite you to join bold leaders, visionaries, policy-makers, industry leaders, corporate executives, investors and entrepreneurs at the Rise and Lead Summit, 2020. 

  • Together, we will #riseandlead and take actions towards building a more inclusive workplace, equitable funding spaces and safe societies, where everyone feels included and empowered to unleash their potential.

At the end of the summit, you’ll walk away with:

  • The knowledge and tools you need to drive change in your community and workplace
  • The insights and strategies required to transform your leadership, as well as that of your organisation
  • New connections and friendships with globally-minded leaders that expand your network and lead to future collaborations 
  • The inspiration and drive to raise your aspirations, lead conversations and take your leadership and business to the next level 
  • Skills necessary to thrive in your career and business
  • The confidence to speak up and connect with the right people who can open doors for you to show up with your gifts

Why Rise & Lead Summit?

The main focus of the Rise and Lead Summit is to inspire, educate and empower women, leaders and organisations on key topics relating to gender diversity, equity & inclusion, digital entrepreneuship building a sustainable future, and the real stories about being a woman in leadership in the workplace and marketplace.The Rise and Lead Summit, 2020 connects aspiring leaders with industry executives, entrepreneurs, business leaders and policymakers to explore best practices in leadership and equity to advance women and under-representated communities as leaders, entrepreneurs and change-makers.


Quality Speakers & Expert Panels

Learn and share knowledge with excellent speakers, C-Suite executives and successful entrepreneurs who will share their knowledge, wisdom and model of success. 

Knowledge & Tools

Be equipped with the knowledge, tools and boldness you need to drive the change towards inclusive workplace cultures and closing the funding gap, while increasing your personal leadership and impact.


Rise and Lead Summit features exclusive premium content, expert-led workshops, and executive roundtables.

Join the #RiseandLead Movement

Be inspired and committed to taking actions towards supporting the next generation of women leaders for a more equitable and inclusive world.

Over the course of two days, you will meet, connect with, learn from, contribute to and network with over 400 inspiring #RisingLeaders who will generously share their expertise, wisdom, and friendship with you. 

Together, our community will gain a better understanding of what it means to Rise and Lead in the workplace, the marketplace and society, and why it matters for our world. We will learn the everyday actions we can take to make sustainable and lasting changes. 

About Rise & Lead

Thanks for your interest in the Rise & Lead Summit! We created this event because we envision a world where everyone is empowered to be their best, unleash their full potential and realize that their voice counts. 

At Rise & Lead, we are passionate about women in leadership, diversity, equity and inclusion and want to inspire and create more leaders who will, in turn, drive the changes that our world needs today – building a more inclusive workforce, more equitable funding spaces and creating more leaders.

Together, let’s #RiseandLead, #TakeaStand4Inclusion and #leadthechange towards a more equitable and inclusive workplace, marketplace and society for ALL.

Summit Features


Diversity and Inclusion and HR professionals will: 

  • Be better equipped to design and execute successful hiring and promotion procedures that will be more open and inclusive.
  • Have the chance to interact directly with many of the industry’s professionals – both our speakers as well as fellow attendees
  • Hear and learn how some of the leading companies are achieving their D&I goals and how you can do the same.


Company leaders and senior executives will: 

  • Engage in an open discussion and share your point of view regarding women leadership, diversity and inclusion in your industry.
  • Gain a fresh perspective that will help you implement the right strategies to close the gender leadership gap in your organisation.
  • Connect with other luminaries, build win-win-relationships and expand your network.


Business owners, entrepreneurs and startups will: 

  • Learn the right marketing and business development skills to grow a successful business.
  • Gain access to investors, financial institutions and business growth strategists.
  • Connect with other female entrepreneurs for future collaborations.


  • Be inspired to raise your leadership aspirations through the stories of established leaders.
  • Connect with other professionals and expand your network. Be inspired to grow outside your comfort zone.
  • Learn new skills, such as negotiation, leadership presence, communication, thought leadership and personal branding.
  • Find and build relationships with potential mentors.


  • Discover your purpose and be inspired to pursue a life of meaning and fulfilment.
  • Gain confidence, clarity, and boldness and be exposed to new networks.
  • Connect with leaders and build your network.

The summit has been structured in a way that every group, including yours, will get value from the content and make meaningful connections.


Companies and Organizations Represented at the Conference

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