Creating safe spaces for dialogue has been the theme in the professional and personal life of Annemarie Sweeris for decades. In the early days, she trained lawyers and judges from Eastern Europe in creating democratic space. Later on, Annemarie developed activities for/with migrant women, geared towards their participation in society. In her work for Dutch peace organization PAX  she focused on creating a safe space for dialogue between antagonistic communities in eastern DRC, with a specific emphasis on women’s rights.
Since 2016, she has been self-employed as trainer/mediator. Her goals is to assist teams in creating a common language and a balance between collaboration and autonomy.
Recently, she co-created the Women’s Sanctuary Circle Game with Daria Nashat.  In addition, she co-designed a neighborhood community game, which was launched in March 2019.

In her spare time, Annemarie has worked as a community mediator, a dialogue facilitator and community worker in her home town Deventer.

Annemarie holds a MA in International Relations/Human Rights from Groningen University and she is an internationally trained mediator and trainer. Above all else, she is proud to be the mother of two very autonomous teenage sons and the partner of a husband who still makes her laugh.

Annemarie Sweeris

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