Barbara Piper works as an International MentorCoach and Compassion entrepreneur.

She started her 20+year career in Corporate Communications and later moved into Health Care Management. During these years Barbara could always be found in a personal development or organizational training hub, either learning about management development or learning about different ancient wisdom traditions, meditation, mindfulness, compassion, somatic work and systemic constellations. Barbara holds an MA in communication and has trained extensively at Stanford University’s CCARE, the Cultivating Compassion and Altruism Research and Education institute.

Today, Barbara works as a MentorCoach, a workshop leader and compassion entrepreneur and she supports professionals who are experiencing stress and overwhelm. Professionals who are looking to find more harmony in the different parts of their lives.

Barbara is committed to making coaching and support available to everyone and as a compassion entrepreneur is working with an Artificial Intelligence start up in Coaching where Jean, the AI chatbot, is at the heart of the innovation.

Creating more space for inner well-being and actively practicing compassion works!

This summer, Barbara moves from San Francisco to The Hague and is eager to share all the wisdom and knowledge California had to offer her professionally as well as personally.

 Barbara; ‘When you drop from your mind into your heart, life is clear and purposeful’

Barbara Piper

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