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Barbara Piper-Roelofs,cultivating Compassionate Conversations in the Workplace

Barbara is a seasoned Communication professional wit 20 years’ experience in both Corporate environments and Health Care management.

Today, her focus is on Compassionate Conversations in the Workplace.
She works as the lead Academy and as Workplace Propositions liaison at The Institute for Positive Health in The Netherlands. She also works as an International Mentor and Coach to Young Professionals. She serves as a Compassion Ambassador for the Applied Compassion Academy, in collaboration with Stanford University’s CCARE Institute.

‘When we live our lives compassionately, we commit to having an open and non-judgmental attitude; to meet life with a quality of kindness.’

Communication Expert
Barbara holds a Master’s degree in Communication and has since trained extensively in Management as well as more holistic Personal Development at contemplative training Centers.

Compassionate Conversations

Barbara supports organisations and professionals to cultivate skills that are often referred to as soft skills but what she calls the hard skills, through Compassionate Conversations;

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