Rise & Lead Women Summit

19-20th September 2019, The Hague, Netherlands
Call for Speakers

Join us at the 2nd annual Rise & Lead Summit and positively contribute to the advancement of women in leadership. Explore how we can close the wealth gap and build a more prosperous world for families, companies and communities.

Empowering Women in Business for Leadership and Impact

Rise & Lead Women is a global knowledge sharing, education and connection platform that brings together accomplished leaders, executive and business founders to promote the inclusion of women in leadership in the workplace and marketplace to foster peace and prosperity in society. Our core goals are:

  • Accelerate change and close the gender gap
  • Inspire, educate, and raise the aspirations of women to reach leadership positions
  • Amplify voices of women leaders and the companies who support them
  • Create a sustainable and prosperous society by empowering women business founders

Following a successful summit in 2018 which saw 120 women come from India, America, and across Europe, we are seeking to grow our impact and inspire and influence more women and men in 2019.

The key theme of this year’s summit is:

Sustainability and Wealth Creation

Women are talented and bring multiple unique styles, skills, and perspectives to the corporations and organisations they are part of as well as the businesses they own. Yet the ecosystem is unequal and unfavorable for women. In order to drive wealth creation and sustainable businesses across the globe we need to ensure companies and policy makers build ways to maximise female engagement and leadership in the workforce and marketplace. Not doing so is bad economics.

The Rise & Lead Summit 2019 is about building dynamic and inclusive economies, where everyone is given an equal opportunity to create wealth for themselves, their families, and the societies they are part of. The Summit is about all global communities reaching their highest potential and building a sustainable future, for women as entrepreneurs, as CEOs, as employees, and as leaders.

Call for Speakers

We are looking for:

  • Panelists to speak for approximately 10 minutes, engage in lively discussion with fellow panelists, and audience members.
  • Workshop Facilitators to deliver skills-based workshops of 60-90 minutes duration

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Retaining women within corporations and stopping the leaking pipeline
  • How women can navigate corporate dynamics
  • Companies driving sustainable economic performance as investors in women
  • How women leaders help other women to succeed
  • Best practices from women empowerment initiatives
  • How to support female entrepreneurs to grow a thriving business
  • Making institutional change to enable women to build more prosperous families and society
  • Women and passive wealth creation through financial intelligence, savings and investments
  • How to get more men involved in closing the gender gap
  • Utilising the digital age to bring about change and encourage female leadership
  • Developing thought, organisational, and entrepreneurial leadership
  • Addressing Gender Bias in companies and society
  • Creating and contributing to an equitable world

We are also looking for Network Circle Panelists to join panels and intimate discussion groups on very specific themes for our Network Circle Sessions. These will run parallel to the workshops. They are designed to bring women and men with a similar interest together to engage in meaningful dialogue on how to close the gender gap and establish a genuine Diversity and Inclusion culture. This year we welcome people who are interested in participating in the following sessions:

  • STEM
  • FoodTech and Sustainability
  • Media
  • Women’s Organisations
  • Women of Ethnic Minority

As with the panels, you will have an opportunity to speak for a few minutes and then be involved in a broader discussion.

Are you interested in being a panelist, workshop facilitator or network circle panelist? Please complete the online form by May 30th 2019. We anticipate letting applicants know if they have been successful no later than July 1st 2019. Do you have more questions? Please email speakers@riseandleadwomen.com.

If you are accepted you will have a free ticket to the conference, and your speaker profile with photo and mini-bio will be featured online. Unfortunately we are not able to cover travel and accommodation costs.

The call for speakers has now closed. We are carefully reviewing applications at this time. Thank you for your interest.