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Rise and Lead Inc. is a respected consulting company and global partner in the areas of strategy, leadership and Diversity and Inclusion consulting and training. We work with organisations and countries to unlock their full economic, political and cultural potential through leadership development, tailored training and mutually beneficial global partnerships.

Corporate Membership: Inclusive Leaders Network.

We believe that the world can be a better place, and it is up to us to make it so. Therefore we undertake advocacy initiatives on the topics we think are most pressing, and about which we have the most passion: Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. Inclusive Leaders Network is a platform dedicated to helping organizations drive the change towards building inclusive cultures that attract, retain and advance women, including women of colour in workplaces.


We offer advisory and consulting services in the fields of Leadership, Diversity & Inclusiveness, Human Resources Policies, Remote and Virtual Team Management. Every organisation experiences challenges in one or more of these domains. These areas have the biggest impact on relationships and productivity. Getting it right is often the differentiator between a successful organisation and a failure.


We work with our clients to gain clarity on their vision and to develop the leadership skills that they need to get support for and implement their strategy. We tailor our training to the specific needs of our clients, based on honest and open discussions and reviews.


Rise and Lead Summit

Rise and Lead Summit brings leaders together to connect, share industry insights and drive gender equality and Inclusion discussion.

Executive Roundtable

Rise and Lead Summit brings leaders together to connect, share industry insights and drive gender equality and Inclusion discussion.


To unlock the full potential of organisations through leadership development, Diversity & Inclusion training and mutually beneficial global partnerships.

ABOUT Rise and Lead Inc.

Rise and Lead Inc. conducts research, analyses data and systems, develops strategies and implements programs that result in improved governance and business performance.

We deploy strategic problem-solving techniques to identify root causes and propose critical interventions that provide the best sustainable solutions.

We also translate your Strategy into Plans that your organisation can simply and transparently implement and monitor.


Our values drive our delivery and are reflected in our relationships with our clients.
They are:






Done right, a good strategy will help you to understand your biggest advantages, deal with your weaknesses, focus your business around a compelling vision and use your limited human and financial resources in the best way.

We partner with our clients to discover and unlock the hidden value in their organisations and businesses. Our team will help you to define the best path to achieve your objectives.

Our clients call us when:

  1. They do not know how to manage their operations virtually or want to align their existing strategy to match the remote work culture
  2. The company strategy is undefined, or poorly communicated
  3. The strategic intent, business portfolio and the work aren’t aligned
  4. There are some important elements missing from the strategy
  5. The strategy is based on a wish list, with little or no analysis done to support it
  6. There is no buy-in to the strategy from important stakeholders

How do we work with our client

  1. Reviewing your existing strategy and performance
  2. Checking the alignment of your vision with your business portfolio and organisational culture, and conduct a gap identification
  3. Developing a monitoring and implementation plan
  4. Together with the leaders, we jointly create a communication plan and implementation plan
  5. Communicating across your organisation to obtain buy-in and develop internal champions

What do our clients get out of this?

  1. A shared vision across company around a clear strategic intent
  2.  A clear understanding of the required measurements and tasks to implement the strategy
  3. An understanding of how to optimise their business portfolio for best value
  4. An improved focus among the leadership on the elements that matter most


Imagine a world where your most complex concepts are framed simply and clearly. In that world, all your stakeholders quickly understand your vision and are eager to implement it. Constructive challenges are shared in a way that greatly improves your outcomes. All this takes place in an environment of continuous learning, respect and harmony.

Through specialised training and the deployment of our customised communication tools, we can help you to achieve this through well-structured and effective internal business communications.

Our clients call us when:

  1. They need to simplify complicated concepts for their stakeholders
  2. Their stakeholders are not behaving in a way that aligns with the messaging
  3. The collaboration or commitment of diverse stakeholders is needed

How do we work with our clients?

  1. We provide ideal communication framework for selected stakeholders on how to effectively persuade and inspire team actions
  2. We assess the gaps in the current communication methods
  3. Together with the leaders, we develop an exciting and memorable storyline
  4. Together with the leaders, we conduct a stakeholder assessment and tailor communications accordingly
  5. We organise engaging virtual team engagement activities

What do our clients get out of this?

  1. Alignment in shared values
  2. Quicker implementation of change initiatives
  3. Cohesive and engaged team


Inclusive Leaders Network is a platform dedicated to helping organizations drive the change towards building inclusive cultures that attract, retain and advance women, including of colour in workplaces.

Our clients call us when:

  1. They want to roll out Diversity, Equity and Inclusion plans, but don’t know how and where to start
  2. They want to diversify their talent pool and don't know how to do it
  3. They want to proactively uncover persistent challenges that hinder inclusion and diversity of talent and thought
  4. They need to understand and mitigate unconscious bias
  5. They want to drive inclusion initiatives at all levels of the organisation
  6. They have a shortage in their talent pipeline at the middle management and top level
  7. They are worried about the slow progress in expanding their leadership pipeline

How do we work with our clients?

  1. Design and conduct organizational assessments tools
  2. Design and deliver customized, engaging and experiential curriculums, workshops and training
  3. Define recruitment and retention strategies
  4. Deliver keynotes/workshops
  5. Design and implement multicultural marketing strategies and Supplier Diversity programs



Diverse teams are more productive, innovative and achieve better results.

We work with organizations to develop, retain and sponsor diverse talent to move into top leadership roles. Using our leadership development framework, we help you to fill your leadership pipeline with a diverse pool of qualified leaders.

We can help your organization improve talent retention rates, increase representation of diverse backgrounds and initiate the difficult but necessary conversations about race and unconscious bias.

Specific Areas of Focus Include:

  1. Talent attraction and retention strategy
  2. Personal Leadership development training
  3. Advising on career sponsorship and development strategies
  4. Executive Leadership Coaching and Strategic Leadership Training
  5. Team building workshops and retreats
  6. 360 degree surveys and Leadership Circle assessment and debriefing
  7. Diversity, Inclusion and Flexible Work Initiatives

Other customised trainings

  • Leading Remotely: Best Practices for Virtual Team Leaders
  • leadership Mindset for Self-Managing Team
  • Self Care For Leaders
  • Becoming Resilient in the Face of Adversity
  • Virtual Networking and Strategic Connections. Maintaining A Cohesive Team in the age of remote working


DiSC Profile Assessment Facilitator
Leadership Circle Facilitator
Ms. Management and Leadership

Why Us?

Proven ability to deliver innovative, experiential and results-driven programs and strategies


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