Rise and Lead Inclusive Leaders Roundtable

Fostering valuable connections, education and a platform to share best practices and cross-industry insights to accelerate diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Several studies have shown that diverse teams are more productive, more creative, and improve the bottom line.

Despite years of initiatives set up to improve the retention and advancement of women in the workplace, progress is rather slow. Women still hold less than a third of senior roles globally, face more barriers to advancement, get less support from managers and receive less sponsorship than other groups of women.

Inclusive  Leaders Roundtable is a platform dedicated to helping organizations drive the change towards building inclusive cultures that attract, retain and advance women, including of colour in workplaces.


Inclusive Leaders membership is for any organization that is committed to achieving excellence in the recruitment, retention, and advancement of the top diverse teams. We invite members from medium-sized to large global organizations.


Learn from shared experience


Achieve your Diversity and Inclusion Goals


Build Inclusive Cultures


Network with global, diverse professionals and leaders

Support Productivity


Build your reputation and gain visibility on your Diversity & Inclusion efforts.

Easily attract diverse and talented women, who are interested in joining companies with shared values.

By joining the Inclusion Leaders Roundtable, organizations prove their commitment to advancing women, attracting diverse talents, and promoting inclusive practices.


To learn more, contact partner@riseandleadwomen.com.