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Dr. Etido Akpan

Greetings from Dr. Etido Akpan! Dr. Akpan has over 20 years of Learning and Development experience
and over 20 years of presenting to global audiences. He is Professor of Business and Information
Technology at Webster University, USA. Courses taught at Webster include Integrated Studies in
Management, Management and Strategy, Project Management of Information Technology,
Procurement and Contract Management for IT Professionals, Information Technology Management
Overview, and Information and Communications Security.
Dr. Akpan holds a DBA in Information Systems, MBA in Business, MA in Advertising and Marketing
Communications, BBA in Management, and BS in Bible. Prior to getting his doctorate and becoming a
professor, he worked in the American corporate world in both service and manufacturing sectors. His
research interests are Strategic Alignment, Management, and Leadership. He has a passion for teaching
and is the author of three books (Strategic Alignment: The business imperative for leading organizations;
Finding and Keeping Your Significant Other: A formula for discovering and building a lasting love
relationship; and Stranded in America, a novel to be released in May 2020).

Dr. Akpan is also a Learning and Development expert at FedEx and is currently working on Quality-
Driven Management Expert certification. He is an active member of Training Industry. His teaching

philosophy is learner-centered, and he believes everyone can learn when provided the right tools. He is
competent in emotional and social intelligence and often leads by serving others. He enjoys learning,
mentoring, coaching, and volunteering in the community to make a difference.

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