Kathy has been on the move since the age of 8. Her globe-trotting adventure started with her parents as immigrants. Since then, she has lived on 2 continents, in 4 countries and made a home in 8 cities. She has been an immigrant, a cross-cultural kid, a re-pat and currently, she is an expat. Growing up in between cultures and countries, she discovered the advantages and challenges of this multicultural world we live in. She has learned to adapt, to grieve losses, to welcome the unfamiliar and the unknown. She has experienced profound nostalgia and had to re-invent herself a few times along the way. Every move has taught her something new and made her realise that as global citizens we have an abundance of opportunities and it is up to us to decide how we take on each relocation. She has learned to take action and create what is missing. Only you can implement the changes you want to see.

Just when she thought she was planting roots, she met her husband and once again packed up her life in boxes and set off to live the happily ever after in the land of the Vikings and hygge (pronounced “hoo-ga.”) International life has taught her that collaborating and as women lifting each other up is the key to success.


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