Marloes de Ruiter is a 27 year old female working freelance in marketing intelligence. She started her own company in March 2018, where she supports companies in marketing intelligence, marketing architecture and online processes. She’s the person who speaks both marketing and IT language. Marloes started working in the marketing field at the age of 20 and has experience with the gender gap. “Starting at a very young age and being a woman in a working field (Marketing/IT) that is dominated by men is tough. I feel like you get criticized more”. To support and empower females in their journey of entrepreneurship, she started the community Zoetermeerse Zakenvrouwen, which organizes events to bring women around Zoetermeer together to learn from and network with each other. This community started in October 2017, and has been growing ever since. Magic happens when you bring women together and talk about relevant subjects in entrepreneurship. It’s all about women empowerment! In the future, Marloes wants to be a leading figure for working women in the field of marketing and IT. “There is so much more to win and to do. But I will get there!”.


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