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Mary Jane Roy

Mary Jane Roy

Mary Jane Roy is a highly motivated and dedicated corporate advisor, facilitator, and presenter. She shares with others, how to develop more effective strategies to thrive in their lives.

She started her career as a Registered Nurse and then as a Military Nursing Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces, with a specialty in cardiac diagnostics. After leaving her military nursing career, she worked for the next three-plus decades in multiple industries.

Since 2007, Mary Jane has accrued various certifications, all adding to her mastery of the skills needed to thrive. In 2011, she started her company Creating Waves. Her main focus areas are stress hardiness, resiliency, and emotional agility. In addition, topics that are also close to her heart include ageism and mitigating unconscious biases. She loves to present on these topics for groups large and small.

Mary Jane served on the Board of PWN NL for 7 years and has been a member since 2009. She also continued in her role as Thought Leader for the Wize Move Society since April 2021. In November 2021, she founded INleadership, a foundation supporting gender-balanced and inclusive leadership. The foundation has published a book entitled ‘Ready for Female Leadership: The Future is NOW’, of which Mary Jane is a co-author.

In August 2023, she gratefully accepted a position with FWOC as a member of their Circle of Wisdom. She supports FWOC because of her strong belief in seeing more women step into their (personal) leadership abilities. 

Values and strengths which represent who she is include: dependability; perseverance; honesty; resilient (of course!); humor; love of learning; curiosity; equality; gratitude

Mary Jane Roy

Mary Jane Roy

Corporate Advisor, Facilitator and Presenter

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