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Melissa Raczak

During the next Ries and Lead Summit 2020, guest speaker, Melissa Raczak, Partner in Deloitte Consulting’s will speak about her personal experience on what it means to be an inclusive leader and how your organization can work to become more inclusive not only internally but also your brand externally. Melissa has over 20 years’ experience on leading and managing global transformational programs with clients and several years ago she was assessed on her own inclusive leadership which triggered her on how can she further embed this within Deloitte and is now doing this with clients.

Next to her client work, Melissa has lead the Deloitte Women’s Network and is an advocate of the Women’s initiatives within the Deloitte network to build, develop and empower women within Deloitte. Alongside this, Melissa believes the change to gender balance is a joint effort of men and women together. We will never achieve our gender balance goals unless we engage our male colleagues and work together. Inclusive leadership must be a key priority for leadership teams to tacke the gender and culture challenges we all face today.

During this session Melissa will share her personal story around her career experience, lessons learned on inclusion as being an American moving to Europe, share the 6 Traits of an inclusive leader. She will also share her recent experiences about Deloitte working to close the gender gap, the challenges they face and what inclusive leadership really means and how you can apply this into your own organization. “Without inclusion you will never create a diverse organization” is one of her mottoes.

Melissa Raczak

Melissa Raczak

Partner at Deloitte Consulting's

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