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Global Summit to Explore Advancing Diversity through Inclusive Leadership


The Hague, Netherlands – Registration is open for the fourth annual Rise and Lead Summit, a live virtual event Sept. 22-24.

“Having more women at top leadership position is good for everyone,” says Ebere Akadiri, Rise and Lead Founder and CEO of Ataro Foods. “Women are redefining what it means to be a leader with the skills and perspectives they bring to the table.”

Yet, Akadiri points out that only 29% of women make it to the executive level. How can men and women partner to bridge the gender leadership gap? The fourth annual Rise and Lead Summit 2021 will connect leaders, corporate executives, and both men and women as partners to share ideas and insights on how to drive diversity and advance women leaders.

In addition to providing a transformative educational and knowledge-sharing experience for business professionals, the Summit aims to equip women and their companies with the tools they need to succeed and drive change.

The three-day gathering will offer over 20 keynotes, panel discussions, masterclasses, group discussions, peer and facilitated mentoring circles and networking. Each day will begin with a group networking session (on video or audio) followed by the main sessions. 

All sessions will be recorded and made available to registered participants.


“In 2020, 250+ leaders and change-makers from different backgrounds and nationalities joined the Summit – we expect even more in 2021! More organisations, more women, more men, more connections and more actionable insights to drive the change towards a more equitable world.”

Here are a few of the executive speakers you can expect:


  • Anne Mclaren: CEO, American Tower Corporation, South Africa
  • Marguerite Soeteman, Chairman of the Executive Board of Aon Holdings B.V. and Global Chief Marketing Officer of Aon Inpoint 
  • Bob Rog: Managing Director Benelux at Kraft Heinz
  • Cristina Falcone: Vice-President, Public Affairs, UPS Europe
  • Francesca Donner: Director and Editor at The New York Times, Women & Gender
  • Hanneke Spryut-Panbakker: Vice President Sales, Country Manager Benelux BIJ, Procter & Gamble
  • Jeroen van Vliet: Director Field Sales of Coca-Cola European Partners Netherlands and Member of the Dutch Board
  • Michèle Verschoore: Medical Director and Chief Medical Officer at L’Oréal Research and Innovation
  • Rhonda A Ocha: Director of Market Delivery Europe, Mastercard
  • Aylin Bumin: Director of Marketing at ManpowerGroup
  • Seun Toye-Kayode: Vice President, Head of Launch With GS EMEA at Goldman Sachs, London
  • Zuzana Púčiková: Head of E.U. Public Policy, Uber

And many more executives, speakers, and thought leaders.

You can check out more speakers on

This year’s Summit will feature the following panel discussions and workshops:

Panel Discussions:

Here are some of the topics to be covered:

  • September 22: Advancing women, closing the gender leadership gap, and eliminating barriers to career growth.
  • September 23: Increasing your visibility, preparing for the c-suite and taking advantage of opportunities in a hybrid world.
  • September 24: Engaging men as partners in driving gender equality and leveraging your internal and external network – including your current team – for your career goals.

Plus, several professional and business development masterclasses delivered by experts, including 

an executive roundtable for African women in leadership.

For a detailed view of the Summit agenda, visit the website and register below:

Why Attend the Rise and Lead Summit?

“We believe that every individual has a unique gift and deserves the opportunity to contribute through these gifts,” says Akadiri. “Advancing diversity and inclusion benefit everyone. As we set out to rebuild the losses caused by the pandemic, there’s no better time for men and women to partner as leaders to drive gender diversity and inclusion. The Rise and Lead Summit is set to address these issues and help you take your leadership and career to the next level. We invite you to join us or sponsor your leaders to register for Rise and Lead Summit.”

The Summit registration fee of Euro 97 per person includes all three days of sessions, networking, and leadership masterclasses. 

Join us: