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Olga Fedorova

Olga, after many career changes is now a STEM professional working in Elsevier and is a part of Elsevier Women’s Network, an organization that highlights the talent of women and supports them in navigating their careers. Olga’s personal objective to break through the corporate boundaries to create a better working environment for women to truly reach their full potential that even goes beyond their careers.

Through Olga’s experience of working with many women in corporate, she identified sexual harassment as one of the biggest blockers in women reaching their full potential. Therefore, Olga’s passion is to teach women how to protect themselves and infuse them with enough confidence to be able to ward off aggressors of any kind. This is what Olga wants to share with the Rise&Lead community.

Olga Fedorova

Olga Fedorova

Knowledge Representation Specialist of Elsevier

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