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Photograph & Video Disclaimer


I hereby grant Rise & Lead Women and its representatives the right to take photographs and videos of me during the Rise & Lead Summit, held on September 14 – 15, 2023, and to use them for promotional and educational purposes.

I understand that the photographs and videos may be used in print materials, digital media, social media, websites, or other promotional and educational materials created by Rise & Lead Women. 

However, if I do not wish to be photographed or filmed, I understand that I have the option to inform the Rise & Lead Summit team leader at the event or activity, and they will refrain from taking any photographs or videos of me.

I waive any right to inspect or approve the finished product, including written or electronic copy, wherein my likeness appears. I understand that my name or identity may be revealed in descriptive text or commentary in connection with the photographs or videos.

I release Rise & Lead Women, its contractors, employees, and any third parties involved in the creation or publication of promotional and educational materials from liability for any claims, including claims of defamation, invasion of privacy, or infringement of moral rights, arising out of the use of the photographs or videos.

I acknowledge that I am at least 18 and have read and understood this release before purchasing my ticket.