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Redefining Leadership

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 Women Leadership Program

Program Overview

Women are redefining what it means to be a leader with the skills and perspectives they bring to the table. Yet, only 29% of women make it to the executive level. How do we bridge the gender leadership gap?

Redefining Leadership is an accelerator program designed to prepare women for the next career moves to become leaders. It will prepare them to make a difference in their company and society.

Rise and Lead Institute created this new program based on the knowledge that having more women in senior leadership positions is good for everyone.

We believe that leadership is not about what you do, but about who you are and how you leverage your gifts and others around you to effect change.

Our faculty of thought leaders and C-Suite executives will share strategies and real stories of their journey to senior leadership roles. In addition, they will share the lessons they have learned and offer support to emerging women leaders to pay it forward.

Program Overview

The Redefining Leadership program is divided into three parts. Each part contains 5 to 6 modules delivered in three days over three months. The program combines exercises, group discussion, small learning teams, and peer and facilitated coaching, plus a private membership area for peer networking and support.

Leadership is a journey and not a destination. As with every journey, advancing in one’s career is not linear; there are often bumps and turns. Therefore, there are no fixed steps, and there is no one recipe for becoming a great leader. Through this program, we want to provide a framework that has worked for many of the leaders we’ve interviewed, and from here, you can then choose your path.

We have grouped the journey into 3 stages:


Understand what drives you and what beliefs support or hinder your growth. Visualise the future you want to create for yourself, recognizing patterns that will hinder you from achieving your dreams – for example, a pattern of perfectionism, a pattern of doubts, a pattern of limiting beliefs, or what some people call the impostor complex. Break barriers and get ready to rise with your gift.


In this stage, you are more intentional about growth. Growth requires learning, making decisions, stepping out of your comfort zone, learning new things, meeting new people, contributing to discussions, and getting noticed by decision makers. Advancing through the leadership journey requires you to build your leadership capabilities.
Learn how to lead a team, tackle your responsibilities, and make strategic decisions and accelerate your journey.


The third stage focuses on increasing your visibility, taking advantage of opportunities, seeking out rewarding challenges, and doing your best work in a place that recognizes and rewards you. Most importantly, you will be equipped to advocate internally and externally. The purpose of this stage is to make a difference in others and amplify your impact.

If you take this framework and make it your own, you will see an exponential improvement in your career, business, and life.

Register now to experience the Rise and Lead Summit from the comfort of your home. Our expert-led workshops, mentoring sessions and fireside chats will focus on the skills and knowledge you need to advance your career, lead a successful business, and advocate for yourself and others. In addition, the executive roundtables and panels will connect inclusive leaders from global companies to share valuable cross-industry insights.


Quality Speakers & Expert Panels

Learn and share knowledge with excellent speakers, C-Suite executives and influenttial leaders who will share their knowledge, wisdom and model of success. 

Knowledge & Tools

You will learn from experienced leaders about practical ways to prepare for top leadership positions, advocate for yourself and others, and manage your mental well-being.

Valuable CONTENT

Rise and Lead Summit features exclusive premium content, expert-led workshops, and executive panel discussions. Among the themes are career advancement, leadership development, business development, mental health and productivity, diversity and inclusion.

Diverse Community

Rise and Lead Summit has been described as the most inspiring and diverse conference you will see in Europe. Connect and network with a diverse group of women and men for future collaborations and partnerships.

Why Attend the Rise and Lead Summit?

We believe that every individual has unique gifts and deserves the opportunity to contribute through these gifts.

Advancing diversity and inclusion benefit everyone. As we set out to rebuild the losses caused by the pandemic, there’s no better time for men and women to partner as leaders to drive gender diversity and inclusion. The Rise and Lead Summit is set to address these issues and help you take your leadership and career to the next level.

We invite you to join us or sponsor your leaders to register for Rise and Lead Summit.

The Summit registration fee of Euro 97 per person includes all three days of sessions, networking, and leadership masterclasses. 

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