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Rise and Lead Summit Returns for 2019!

Rise and Lead Summit Returns for 2019!

Join us 19th-20th September at NH Hotel-WTC, The Hague

Women. Business. Sustainability.

The Face of Leadership is changing, and women are leading the way!

Join us at the second annual Rise and Lead Summit: Empowering Women in Business for Leadership and Impact.

Rise & Lead Summit is a 2-day inspirational gathering for women in leadership, industry executives and policy makers which focuses on bridging the gender gap.

The Summit is the annual highlight of Rise and Lead Women; a global knowledge sharing, education and social impact platform that connects leaders, company executives, business owners, emerging leaders, NGOs and change-makers to promote the leadership and financial inclusion of women in the workplace and marketplace to foster peace and prosperity in society.

Our core goals are:

  •    Accelerate change and close the gender gap
  •    Educate, and raise the aspirations of women to reach their highest potential
  •    Amplify voices of women leaders and the companies who support them
  •    Create a sustainable and prosperous society by empowering female entrepreneurs to create impactful and scalable businesses

The key theme of this year’s summit is: “Women and Business Sustainability and Wealth Creation.”

Women are talented and bring multiple unique styles, skills, and perspectives to the corporations and organisations they are part of, as well as the businesses they own.

The Summit is about global communities reaching their highest potential and building a sustainable future for women as entrepreneurs, CEOs, employees and leaders.

Join us and engage in meaningful conversations, analyse best practices, and be inspired by successful female founders and executives in major corporations. Meet and network with industry executives and change makers. Get ready to connect and build relationships with like-minded women and organisations at the forefront of closing the gender gap. Learn new strategies and skills to unleash your leadership potential.

In this two-day event, you will have over 20 keynotes, panels and workshop sessions. Find your tribe and join different women-focused forums including women in STEM, Women in the Media, Women in Food Tech and Sustainability and Women in ethnic minorities.

Join the movement and drive the much-needed change we all want to see in the world today.

What to Expect During the Summit?

Building relationships through meaningful connections and networking with executives, CEOs and change makers from across different countries and industries.

Join the conversation, contribute your voice and learn through the following curated topics:

Drive the Financial Inclusion of women for yourself, your family and your community

  • Build passive income through thought leadership, equity and other financial means
  • Bridging the pay gap in companies, and building a more prosperous community
  • Expand your business through different financing methods

Dealing with Gender Bias and challenging cultural norms 

  • Listen to male and female sustainability and Inclusion experts talk about the effects of advancing women into leadership positions and the right steps to take to deal with bias and drive inclusion for ALL
  • Meet and be inspired by men who are at the forefront of driving diversity and inclusion in their communities
  • Diversity and Inclusion: master your own bias, improve your gender sensitivity and be empowered with the practical insight, tools and confidence you need to lead change and take action.

Skills Building and Personal Leadership:

  • Leading with purpose and soul: understand your core beliefs and values and lead from where you are.
  • Bust the myth of work-life balance and be clear on your priorities while giving space to your well-being and that of the people you care about.
  • Develop soft and hard leadership skills like thought leadership communication, presence and negotiations strategies, decision making and problem-solving skills from our subject matter experts.
  • Understand the future of work and learn the concept of digital transformation.

Become a successful Female Founder – Contribute to a prosperous society and a better world for ALL by creating wealth and leaving legacies.

Learn from the stories of successful female founders and CEOs as they discuss their models of success and gain insights on how to grow and expand your business and impact.

  • Learn the right path to follow for your business growth – bank loan or investors, pros and cons, opportunities and growth
  • Become a digital transformational leader: embrace technology to expand your reach and amplify your impact
  • Connect with quality business contacts and build meaningful relationships to enable you to grow future collaboration and partnerships

Career Development & Corporate Leadership – Discovering your Leadership potential. Reaching the top slots.

  • Hear female luminaries and industry leaders explore how they are advancing women into leadership positions
  • Curated workshop to help you achieve your ambitions and goals
  • Gain the confidence to lead and learn strategies and tips for navigating your way into top leadership positions

Women Empowering Women

Be inspired by women network leaders as they share the challenges, opportunities and learnings from leading a tribe of women. Be equipped to drive change, create your network, lead a community, pursue your dreams and make an impact in society.

Still wondering why you should attend the 2019 Rise and Lead Summit?

In 2018, we had a sold-out event and all of the attendees left super charged and ready to take actions to grow their leadership and impact.

In 2018, 120+ leaders and change makers from different nationalities joined us. We expect even more in 2019! More organisations, more women, more men, more networks, more breakouts, more mentoring corners, more networking for deeper connections and more valuable content!

There will be over 20 panels, keynote addresses, and workshops presented by experts and thought leaders from across the globe covering topics that will help catalyse your leadership and impact.

Interested in joining the conversation to drive positive change in society? Visit here and reserve your spot. Early bird pricing ends on June 30th, 2019.

By joining us in The Hague, you’ll be at the forefront of the global community shaping the future for a more gender-balanced world. You’ll be empowered with the skills, knowledge and connections needed to break out of your comfort zone and self-doubts and reach your highest potential.

Do you need to convince your boss?  Contact us to curate a compelling email just for you so that you can start practicing your negotiation skills!

Do you want to partner with Rise and Lead Women to develop change making programs or to sponsor the annual event? Contact

Connect with like-minded leaders to secure your spot. See you at Rise and Lead Summit, 19th-20th September 2019! 

Drive the Change! Lead the Conversation!

Reserve your spot today! Early bird pricing ends on June 30th, 2019.