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Cristina Popescu

As long as she remembers, Cristina leads from a place of love for people and determination to empower women. Since she was a child, she decided that the way women are seen in the world has to change. Deep connection through listening and compassion is at the root of her work.

As a holistic coach, Cristina helped people develop healthier habits for both health and performance. She believes that health is more than physical and mental. Wellness includes body, mind, soul, emotions, relationships, career, and self-care practices.

Cristina had developed stress management techniques that work especially for women. She combines experience with knowledge to empower each woman to create her own experiences.

Today, she is a Holistic and Stress Management Coach. She works with professional women that want to perform not only in their career but in the family too. She is a volunteer coach for people with refugees background to help them start a business.

Cristina Popescu

Cristina Popescu

Holistic & Stress Management Coach, podcaster, and contagious enthusiast committed to serve and help. Dedicated to helping you become confident and calm, so you live a life lived better.

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