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Roberta Avelino

Roberta Avelino, Brazilian from Rio de Janeiro, has an Industrial Engineering’s double degree in France and Brazil. She currently works as a methods engineer at Audi in Brussels. Inside the company, she is member of Audi’s largest sustainable project: Mission Zero and she co-founded the network Women@AudiBrussels. She was chosen to represent Audi at the world’s largest conference of young leaders, One Young World, with its female empowerment project within the company. Passionate about personal development, she is a mentor, coach, numerologist, with non-violent communication, PNL and Quantum Reprogramming’s tools. She calls herself a human engineer. She is volunteer in 3 women’s associations: PWI Brussels (STEAM team); Rise and Lead (Media team) and Women Automotive (as a mentor).

Her motto is: Be the difference you want to see in the world!

She truly believes that when you stand up for one woman, you stand up for all women.

Roberta Avelino

Roberta Avelino

Methods Engineer, Audi Brussels

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