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Samia Guessabi-Colombijn

My name is Samia Guessabi-Colombijn. I am Vice President Legal Excellence at Accor Northern Europe region, which comprises 31 countries.

Accor is the market leader in augmented hospitality in Europe.

I am happy to be a lawyer for a global player within a “blessed industry”. Never has it become more imperative for the compliance teams and functions to entrench themselves in the very business they enable, support, guide and guard! Therefore, I truly believe in the added value of a strong legal function.

Beside my daily work, I am committed to making a valuable contribution in bridging the gender gap at the top and encouraging more diversity and inclusion in the C-suites of international operating organizations.

My motto’s: raise your hand, be visible but do not show off, share your knowledge whenever you can, offer help and consistent support to those who have to master the skills you spent energy developing. Focus on understanding the environment you are in so you can be effective. Corporate life is not fair so whenever you are hurt about it: accept, adapt and move on.

I am honored and humbled to be part of the Rise and Lead Submit and do hope my experience will serve others.

Samia Guessabi-Colombijn

Samia Guessabi-Colombijn

VP Legal Excellence Northern Europe Compliance, Risk and Governance at Accor | Member of SER Topvrouwen

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