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Passionate about the power of technology and diversity to drive positive change, I draw inspiration from the iconic saga of Star Wars, where technology, energy, and diversity unite to preserve peace across galaxies. Just as this allegory exemplifies, I believe in the remarkable synergy that occurs when technology, diverse skill sets, and experiences converge – paving the way for magic to safeguard our children’s future and the sustainability of our planet.

Throughout my career, I have been harnessing technology to achieve strategic objectives. As a former entrepreneur and the leader of the Corporate Technology division at ING Group, a global financial institution, I orchestrated initiatives aligned with internal and external regulatory policies. My role encompassed supporting the global CEO, CFO, and COO functions, wherein I delivered cutting-edge solutions through a diverse team of 500 engineers spanning multiple international locations. From India and The Philippines to Poland, Romania, the UK, Belgium, and The Netherlands, I cultivated collaboration and efficiency, resulting in exceptional outcomes.

My professional journey thrives on the challenge of driving digital transformation and innovation within complex landscapes. I’ve propelled organisations toward enhanced efficiency cost savings, and elevated customer and employee experiences by leveraging emerging technologies. The strategic alignment of technology initiatives with business objectives has manifested in revenue growth, process optimisation, and market leadership.

My leadership impact extends to technology initiatives and initiatives aimed at gender-balanced leadership, as seen through my previous role with PWN Global – a global movement promoting gender balance. As VP of Stratgey and later as co-president of PWN Global I provided overarching leadership for the network’s development and implementation, fostering a community that embraces new skills and drives impactful change. With a profound belief in the potential of leveraging 100% of the world’s talent, I advocate for better decision-making and a happier, economically sustainable society.

From my dedication to coaching, entrepreneurship and my current leadership role at ING, my journey reflects the fusion of technology, diversity, and leadership in the pursuit of a brighter future.

Sheila Gemin

Sheila Gemin

Global IT Lead Corporate Technology, ING

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