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Silvia de Jong

I am a passionate and agile end to end Supply Chain leader with an innovative mindset, strategic enterprise thinking and a true passion for people.

Over the years I have been fortunate to meet many talented people from a multitude of different backgrounds through both travel and work which has given me a wealth of experience and insight into what makes people tick. It’s an area of great personal interest and enjoyment, and one which has given me a lot of learning and fulfillment.
Living outside of my home country, travelling the world and becoming a mum while building my career has been a very tough but rewarding journey and one I am grateful I have been able to walk in my life time.

I have a great zest for life, friends and fun and bring this to work with me every day in the hope it will inspire and positively impact people around me.

Silvia de Jong

Silvia de Jong

Supply chain Director Benelux at The Kraft Heinz Company

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