Keynote Speeches

Internationally recognised leaders in their fields will share thought leaders, industry leaders and female luminaries towill share their wisdom and knowledge to inspire you to rise, build a prosperous future and a sustainable company.

Keynote Topics:

Women. Business & Sustainability
Women and wealth creation in the economy


Engaging and inspiring leaders will address Sustainability and Wealth Creation in discussion panels moderated so that the audience can participate in discussions about the gender gap, including subjects like best practice in corporations, investing in women, and women generating a passive income. Some people have been invited to join panels but we are actively seeking applicants. Apply here.

Selected Topics:

Women and Business success
Sustainable wealth creation strategies
How can empowered women support more women?
How to increase the financial wellbeing of women?

Interactive Workshops

Join a hands-on workshop based on your career path and growth trajectory. Whether you are an entrepreneur, professional, executive or organisational leader, you can choose from 8 of our well-crafted workshops to support your growth. The workshop facilitators are carefully selected experts in their fields. Every participant will receive a schedule, containing the names of all participants and a workbook to provide experiential and hands-on learning. Some facilitators are invited, but we welcome applications here.

Here are the workshop streams and format:

We offer 8 workshop slots of 1 hour each and Network Circle Meetings. We have put the workshops into different streams to help you to choose the stream that excites you. We have Corporate Leadership Stream.
Entrepreneurial Leadership Stream
Financial Inclusion Stream
Career Advancement Stream
Communication & Thought Leadership Stream
Women Network Stream
Digital Transformation Stream

Mentoring Circles and Small Forum Discussions

Rise & Lead organises Circle conversations known as Circle meetings. Each speaker presents for 5-10 minutes, and then participates in a facilitated discussion, run by a moderator. The circles will bring together women in different sectors which includes; Women in STEM, Women In Media, Women in Foodservice and FoodTech, Women in Sustainability, Women in politics, Women in Diversity and Inclusion, Women leading women organisations. You may consider starting your own women forum with our guidance. Please apply to be involved here

Connections, Nourishment and Networking

We have 6 networking coffee sessions, unlimited drinks and snacks all through the day and lunch sessions each day. All Participants are encouraged to network during each break.

We will make the connecting easy by ensuring that all participants’ names are listed in the conference book. Summit Partners, Sponsors and Supporters bios will be listed as well. To become a Sponsor or Supporter, contact us at

Summit Features

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250 350 450

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We will never sell or share your data with 3rd parties, more details of how we treat your data can be found in the Rise & Lead Women Privacy Policy.

Photos and videos will be taken at Rise & Lead Summit. By participating, you may be filmed or photographed.

By attending Rise & Lead Summit 2019, you agree to uphold the code of conduct.

Featured 2019 Speakers

Poonam Barua

Founder/CEO at Forum For Women In Leadership
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Marguerite Soeteman-Reijnen

Chairman of the Executive Board of Aon Holdings B.V.
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Jeff Turner

Vice President Sustainability at Royal DSM
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Rick Zednik

Managing Director at Women Political Leaders (WPL)
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