DAY 1: SEPTEMBER 19, 2019

8:00 am Welcome coffee and registration
9:00 am Opening speech and summit introduction
9:20 am Keynote 1 : Women and Wealth Creation: The ecosystem is unequal. How to create equal opportunity for women by Poonam Barua
10:00 am Networking coffee break
10:30 am Plenary Session 1 : Women, Business and Sustainability: Addressing the leaking corporate pipeline and how it affects the economy.

Companies are encountering financial losses due to high turnover, and high costs of recruitment as women drop off the corporate ladder. How can women navigate the corporate dynamics? Companies that are serious about driving long-term, sustainable economic performance must invest in women. Investments must link the business objectives with the right support and training that women want and need. What can we d o to stop the leaking pipeline? Understanding the differentiating style of women in leadership.

Panelists to be announced.

12:00 pm Networking lunch
1:30 pm Plenary Session 2:  Confronting the systemic cultures and stereotypes that hinder progress: Men weigh in on gender equality. What are the inner and unspoken fears of men around this topic? What do men want women to know? How can we address the fears and move forward? What are the right steps in bringing more men to the table?
3:00 pm Keynote 2. Women and the Economy: Improving the Financial Well-being of Women in Business. Presentation by our major sponsor
3:30 pm Networking coffee break
4:00 pm Workshop Series 1 (Parallel Session)
Workplace Leadership Track

Entrepreneurial Leadership Track

Women Network Track: Promoting Diversity & Inclusion: Building healthy communities: Women leading women organisations. Lessons learned, challenges and way forward.

5:30 pm Closing Speech & Networking
7:00 pm Networking Dinner by Special Invitation Only
(Provisional) Schedule

DAY 2: SEPTEMBER 20, 2019

8:00 am Welcome coffee and registration
9:00 am Keynote Speaker: Women. Money & The Economy: Lessons learned from the emerging markets
9:20 am Plenary Session 3: Becoming the leader that inspires other women to rise up: How are women leaders helping other women to succeed?

Women leaders share their challenges, successes and lessons learned. We focus on best practices and the outcomes from women empowerment initiatives.

10:00 am Networking coffee break
10:30 am Plenary Session 4: Leading with purpose and soul: Developing a mind-body-spirit consciousness.

Connecting your work to your values. Managing all that is important while contributing to an equitable world.

12:00 pm Networking Lunch
1:30 pm Workshop Series 2 (Parallel Session)

Financial Inclusion Track

Career Advancement Track – Managing career progression and change

3:00 pm Workshop Series 3 (Parallel Session)

Communication & Thought Leadership track

Digital Transformation Track: Understanding Digital Transformation and Innovation in the New Economy

Women Network Track: Promoting Diversity & Inclusion, and Empowering Women in various sectors.

4:30 pm Closing Plenary: Advancing women in leadership, Business success and Sustainability
5:30 pm Closing Panel: Wrap up and next steps: Collective wisdom and conversations on lessons learned.
6:00 pm Networking Drink
Proposed Workshops
Professionals’ Circle:
  • Communication with impact
  • Public speaking made easy
  • Negotiations: learning to ask
  • How to craft and share inspiring stories
  • How to overcome rejection: Dealing with job loss and business failures
  • What the CEO wants you to know: How to thrive at work
  • Getting to the top slots of any organisation: What you need to know.
  • Managing career progression and change
Entrepreneurs’ Circle:
  • Understanding digital transformation and innovations
  • Content rules: How to market your business and brand with compelling content
  • How to create and deliver a workshop to build your personal brand.
  • Communication and thought leadership strategies
  • Brand Storytelling that attracts the right audience: Clearly craft and communicate your brand message
  • Growing your business through strategic partnerships and joint ventures
  • Turn Your ideas into reality
  • Becoming an Entrepreneurial Leader by Ebere Akadiri
Mentoring Circle Corner: Find Your Tribe
  • Women in Politics
  • CEOs’ Roundtable
  • Women in Finance and Corporate Supply Chain
  • Women in Foodservice and Sustainability
  • Women in Media
  • Young Leaders Forum
  • Women in Business and Innovation
  • Women in STEM

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