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Sustainability Policy


The primary purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for the planning, execution, and post-event analysis of Rise & Lead Summit, with a deep commitment to sustainability. This policy aims to minimise our event’s environmental impact, promote social equity and inclusivity, and foster economic benefits for the local community. Every aspect of our event should reflect the principles of sustainable development.


This policy applies to all employees, vendors, volunteers, attendees, and stakeholders involved in the planning and execution of our event. We require all parties to understand and adhere to our sustainability policy.

Policy Guidelines

Environmental Responsibility.
We commit to minimising the environmental impact of our event by reducing waste, conserving resources, and promoting biodiversity.

Waste Reduction. We will strive to minimise waste generation, prioritise reusable materials, and ensure adequate waste segregation for recycling or composting.

Energy Efficiency. We use energy-efficient technology whenever possible.

Water Conservation. We encourage water-saving practices and the use of water-efficient fixtures.

Social Responsibility

Our event seeks to foster inclusivity, diversity, health, safety, and well-being among all participants.

Inclusivity and Diversity. We aim to create an inclusive environment that celebrates diversity and welcomes everyone.

Health and Safety. We will prioritise the health and safety of all attendees, staff, and volunteers with clear guidelines and robust protocols.

Community Engagement. We strive to involve local communities in our event, leveraging local talent, suppliers, and services.

Economic Responsibility

We recognise the importance of supporting local economies and commit to ethical and responsible economic practices.

Local Procurement. We will prioritise local vendors and suppliers to boost local economies.

Fair Trade and Ethical Sourcing. We commit to using Fair Trade and ethically sourced products when available.

Transparency. We uphold the highest level of integrity in our financial dealings, ensuring accountability and transparency in our transactions.

This sustainability policy is not just a list of guidelines for our upcoming event. It’s a statement of our commitment to a sustainable future and the role we believe events like ours play in promoting that future.

We invite all attendees, employees, and stakeholders to join us in this endeavour.