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Temitope Omotolani

Temitope Omotolani is the Co-founder and Managing Director of Crowdyvest, an impact driven platform focused on connecting its members to multiple sponsorship opportunities that are aligned with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The main focus of Crowdyvest is to raise funds for businesses in different sectors through crowdfunding, and to provide impact driven opportunities for people to increase their finances and contribute to economic growth.

She is also one of the Co-founders of Farmcrowdy. Temitope brought over 5 years of online agricultural initiatives to Farmcrowdy in her bid to ‘re-define’ the perception of whom a ‘Farmer’ really is in Nigeria and also to create a social movement in the Nigerian Agriculture Space. The passion she has for youth involvement in agriculture prompted her to join Farmcrowdy in 2016.
As Chief Operations Officer of Farmcrowdy, she coordinated all farm operations across 14 states with over 25,000 farmers.

Temitope founded her first start-up when she was 16, called ‘Gifted Hands’ a make-up business that ran for 10years. At age 19, she founded a cleaning services company known as ‘Fínífíní’ enterprises. In 2012, she built a product that focused on the buying and selling of Agriculture produce from the rural areas and sold to the urban parts of the city of Lagos with over 18 million people, through offline crowdfunding. It was called ‘Ojawara.’

Temitope has a B.Sc. in Economics from Unilag; she is also an alumni of Lagos Business School (LBS) and FATE Foundation’s Aspiring Entrepreneurship Program.

She is an ardent believer in entrepreneurship as the most sustainable way to eradicate poverty in Africa. Temitope loves traveling, good music, strategy, planning and execution, and is passionate in creating businesses that focus on solving economic problems and adding value to humanity.

Temitope Omotolani

Temitope Omotolani

Managing Director, Crowdyvest

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