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Tope Omotolani

Tope Omotolani is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Crowdyvest; an impact-driven community focused on creating an interdependence between individuals and businesses by providing an all-in-one financial solution geared towards achieving financial freedom, while facilitating impactful growth in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Under Tope’s leadership, in over 1 year Crowdyvest has been able to raise over 20 million dollars through Savings and Investment for multiple businesses from a community of over 100,000 members

She is one of the Co-founders of Farmcrowdy, Nigeria’s First Digital Agricultural Platform that launched in November 2016. Her first role was Product development & Sales, in 4 months she grew to become the VP of operations and in 1 year she became the COO. As Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Farmcrowdy, she coordinated all farm operations across over 14 states with over 25,000 farmers. In 2019, she became the Managing Director of Crowdyvest which at the time was a sister company to Farmcrowdy before it was completely bought over by investors led by Temitope in March 2021.

She founded her first start-up when she was 16, called ‘Gifted Hands’, a make-up business that ran for 10years. At age 19, she founded a cleaning services company known as ‘Fínífíní’ enterprises. In 2012, she built a product that focused on the buying and selling of agricultural produce from the rural areas and sold to the urban parts of the city of Lagos with over 18 million people, through offline crowdfunding, and also set up a local market in Lekki every last Saturday of every month. It was called ‘Ojawara.’

Tope is mentioned by HEDA Resource Centre as one of the “30 Super Women” who choose to challenge issues in Food Security & Environmental Justice for International Women’s Day 2021 and is also listed as one of the “Top Female Founders in Africa” who raised 2.5 million USD for the Nigerian agric-tech startup Farmcrowdy.

As a young woman who cares about the community, she was the Project Director at “Beyond the Classroom Foundation”; an organization that helps raise funds for the purchase & distribution of school supplies to kids in less-privileged areas. She also volunteered at “The Irede Foundation” which aims to educate and empower children living with congenital and/or acquired limb loss.

Tope has a B.Sc. in Economics from University of Lagos. She is also an alumni of Lagos Business School (LBS) and FATE Foundation’s Aspiring Entrepreneurship Program. She has mentored and spoken on multiple panels and platforms both locally and internationally, addressing various topics around entrepreneurship and impact. She also sits on the board of some businesses across the world.

She is an ardent believer in disruptive innovation, impact and entrepreneurship as the most sustainable ways to eradicate poverty in Africa. Tope loves traveling, good music, strategy, planning and execution, and is passionate about creating businesses that focus on solving economic problems and adding value to humanity.


Tope Omotolani

Tope Omotolani

Co-founder & CEO at Crowdyvest

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