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Uche Aniche

Uche Aniche, is the founder & CEO of Havilah & Hills – a hybrid marketing communication and software development agency based in Port Harcourt. Some of Havilah & Hills products and companies include, SpotVue, 1Suite Accounting and – a venue booking portal with over 4000 venues across Nigeria for event organizers.

He’s arguably the foremost advocate for Startup/Entrepreneurship Ecosystem development in the South-South/South-East through #StartupSouth – helping to raise over $400,000 for founders in the region in the last four years. #StartupSouth has a mission to educate, connect and attract support/investment to teams in the two geo-political regions.

Uche believes that Nigeria will realize her potential when young people across Nigeria are meaningfully engaged through high scale Entrepreneurship.
He’s a director at SSE Angel Network – a group of professionals mentoring and investing in founders/startups living in/operating out of the South-South/South-East, Nigeria.

Uche is married to Delight and has three Children – Havilah, Ziv & Eri.

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