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Ujunwa Ojemeni

Ujunwa Ojemeni is an impact investing, energy and development expert with experience in
the areas of opportunity maturation, financing, and policy.
She is the Senior Technical Adviser to the Honourable Commissioner for Energy & Mineral
Resources for Lagos State charged with the responsibility to plan, devise and implement
strategies to deliver reliable energy to the citizens of the State. She is also an Advisor with the
Private Finance Advisory Network (PFAN) – the multilateral, public-private partnership
initiated hosted by United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) and
Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP) focused on bridging the
investment gap between investors and entrepreneurs and project developers by facilitating
investment into promising clean energy and climate change projects.
She was previously the Senior Investment Associate at All On, responsible for driving clean
energy investments opportunities from origination to closing as well as providing strategic,
governance and operational support to All On’s investees.
She was selected as one of the 60 young African Clean Energy Leaders for the Open Power
Africa 2019 program by Enel Foundation and was a finalist at the IFC Sustainability
Exchange Contest for Youth Innovations 2019. She was also recently awarded the 2019
Young Leaders Award in the Energy and Sustainability category, by the Mandela
Washington Fellowship Alumni Association in Nigeria (MWFAAN).
Passionate about social responsibility, volunteering and philanthropy, she founded the SME
Transformation Project through which she provides business advisory and funding to women-
owned SMEs in low-income communities. She helps them navigate through basic business
challenges such as marketing and distributing channels, product line expansion, and most
importantly, funding, which they have difficulties accessing from traditional financiers.
She is the Founder and President of the African Women in Energy Development Initiative
(AWEDI Network) focused on promoting the participation of women in the energy sector
through mentorship programs, career sponsorship (acceleration), networking opportunities,
professional development and leadership training for women at all stages of their energy
careers and for female students at the secondary and tertiary levels.

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