I am a feminist, a strategist in business and leadership – a big daydreamer but never afraid to transform a dream into reality. I’m ambitious, hard-working with a can-do attitude. I lead with compassion and determination. As a self-made woman, I fight and stand up for women’s rights and gender equality. It is my drive to build bridges between women, politics, and business, but also stimulate men on gender equality. In 2008 I started my own company, B-More Consultancy in the middle of the economics crises, just to help business owners to grow their company. I  loved every minute of it because I dreamed bigger than the ceo’s.

As president of the womens organization ZAMI,  I developed a leadership program ‘’ gekleurd vrouwelijk leiderschap’’ with my boardmembers,  to empower and train hundreds of migrant woman.

Almost 4 years ago I moved my company to Suriname to be near my parents and I started to work internationally. As president of Zami-Paramaribo, an organisation for the development of female leadership we train and research women in this multi-ethnic and multi-religious country.

My passion to empower women globally through economic growth and leadership is growing daily.

I love to see others grow.


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