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Virginia Colurcio

Virginia Colurcio is SVP of People & Culture Europe and Global Organisation/ Talent strategy at Prologis, and responsible for Prologis’ sustainable human-centric people & culture philosophy and strategy. Her key responsibilities within Prologis entail creating leadership programmes and care initiatives that provide meaningful health and wellbeing support to the people at Prologis. These comprehensive activities and policies range from leadership workshops, to employee’s health, well-being and training, and inclusion and
diversity (I&D) initiatives.

Prior to joining Prologis in 2020, she held executive roles at Netflix, Unilever, and Belkin. Virginia is a certified Executive Coach (Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute) and holds a Master’s degree in Law studies from the Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II.

Virginia Colurcio

Virginia Colurcio

Senior Vice President, People & Culture Europe and Global Organisation/Talent strategy at Prologis

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