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Zuzana Púčiková

Zuzana Púčiková is the Head of EU Public Policy at Uber and an EU Climate Pact Ambassador. She is also a Multilingual Public Affairs and Public Relations professional, with over 15 years of experience in and around European institutions and media. She has a track record of representing an industry with
policy-makers in the fields of digital technologies and e-commerce.

Zuzana graduated in Economics, specializing in Management and Marketing. She also holds M.A.
degrees in European Studies, Communications and International Relations from Brussels-based
VUB, IHECS and ULB. In addition to her native Slovak, Zuzana is fluent in Czech, English, French,
Italian and Spanish, and has a basic knowledge of Russian and German.

Zuzana Púčiková

Zuzana Púčiková

Head of EU Public Policy at Uber

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